Concerned about Chloramine? Filter it out!

Rayne of Irvine Chloramine Busters

Are you concerned about chloramine in your water? Fact: Your home is at risk of potential water damage caused by the possible copper piping failure. According to research from CalPASC's Drinking Water Symposium, copper pipe failure is being caused by the use of chloramines in California's water systems. Chloramines are compounds which contain chlorine and ammonia, intended to extend the disinfecting power of chlorine in drinking water. However, the chloramine may also be to blame for pinhole leaks in the copper tubing which carryies the water to your faucets.

Chloramine Buster 1500

Rayne Chloramine Buster 1500 Whole House Water Conditioner


  • For 3/4" and 1" Water Mains
  • 1.5 Cubic Feet of Spartan Series Carbon
  • Rent and Purchase Options

Chloramine Buster 2000

Rayne Chloramine Buster 2000 Whole House Water Conditioner


  • For 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" Water Mains
  • 2.0 Cubic Feet of Spartan Series Carbon
  • Rent and Purchase Options





Spartan series CR1240S is a non-chemically impregnated activated carbon. It is a surface modified carbon, which significantly enhances it's capability to decomposing noxious compounds such as hydrogen sulfide, and chloramines. All of the Spartan series of products are produced from our high quality coconut shell carbons. In addition to being able to handle sulfides and chloramines, they have much higher surface areas, enabling them to remove larger quantities of other organic species which may be present in the system.


  • Capacity for hydrogen sulfide, chloramines & organics
  • No potential for bed fires
  • High absorption capacity and efficiency
  • No disposal problems